Dapoxetine. General Information about the Drug

The actual picture of the problem of premature ejaculation (PE) is hard to define. Different studies give different data regarding the prevalence of this male sexual disorder. Some claim it to be as low as 2 – 5%, whereas others say that about 30% of men have trouble controlling their ejaculation. Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, these men need medical help. The drug that can improve their condition is called Dapoxetine.

This is a generic name of the preparation, which is more famous under its brand name Priligy. Anyway, the name doesn’t change the content of the tablets that can help men with premature ejaculation improve the quality of their sexual relations.

What Is Dapoxetine? How Does It Help PE?

Although Dapoxetine hasn’t been officially approved by the FDA, it is still considered highly efficacious for increasing the intravaginal latency time. This preparation belongs to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, yet because of its fast absorption and elimination from the human organism, it cannot be used for the purposes that are common for this class of drugs.

However, every drawback may turn into an advantage, which is actually the story of Dapoxetine. It’s due to its rapid onset of action and clearance that it has become one of the most often applied medicines in the therapy of premature ejaculation. This preparation works the same well for lifelong and acquired PE. Therefore, it can be used in patients regardless of the type of premature ejaculation they suffer.

The mechanism of action of the medication is not totally clear. Anyway, the scientists say that Dapoxetine slows down the transition of signals from the genitals to the area of the brain responsible for the ejaculatory function. As a result, the duration of sexual intercourse can be increased.

When and How to Administer the Medication?

Dapoxetine is available only in the tablet form. The preparation should be administered only when you plan sexual activity; it is not intended for a scheduled intake. It is not recommended taking more than one dose of the medication per day. Administer the drug about an hour before coitus to let it come into full effect. The duration of action of Dapoxetine ranges from three to four hours.

The tablets can be taken regardless of meals, washed down with a glass of water. You’d better not chew or crush the pill as it tastes bitter.

Dapoxetine Doses

The tablets of Dapoxetine contain either 30 mg or 60 mg of the active ingredient. The choice of the most appropriate dose is a task for a doctor. Men should never take this medication without getting a medical consultation as it has certain precautions and contraindications for intake. Besides, the choice of the wrong dose can increase your risks for developing adverse reactions. At the same time, taking a higher dose of the medication doesn’t mean that you’ll get a better result.

Usually, the therapy starts with a 30 mg dose. Depending on the patient’s response to Dapoxetine and tolerance to the side effects of the preparation, the dosage can be titrated up to 60 mg. The higher dose is more effective in man with a lifelong premature ejaculation. Those whose disease is acquired get equally good results from taking either of the drug dosages. Please, keep in mind that the incidence of Dapoxetine adverse reactions is interconnected with the dose of the preparation you use. Higher doses can cause more side effects.

Special Recommendations before Dapoxetine Intake

Intake of any medication, including Dapoxetine, always carries a share of risk. Some patients are more inclined to developing adverse reactions because of the comorbid health conditions they suffer. In such men, the treatment with Dapoxetine demands regular medical control and extra care. To determine whether you belong to the group of risk of not, tell your doctor about all the health problems you have or have had in the past. It is especially important to mention the following diseases (if any):

Dapoxetine is not for use in women and children. The medication can be used in men aged 18 to 64 years old. The safety of the drug in individuals older than the mentioned age hasn’t been properly studied yet.

One of the common side effects of medication is faintness. To prevent any life-threatening situations, it is recommended to avoid driving a car or operating machinery when you are under the effect of Dapoxetine.

Alcohol consumption may exacerbate some of the possible unwanted reactions of the preparation. Therefore, you should stay away from alcohol-containing beverages when administering Dapoxetine tablets. The same hazard is related to mixing Dapoxetine and grapefruit juice. The reason is that grapefruit reduces the amounts of CYP3A4 ferment, which is responsible for the metabolism of the drug. The concomitant intake of these products significantly increases the risks for Dapoxetine overdose with all the attendant consequences.

Dapoxetine Interactions with other Medicines

Special attention should be given to the medications you use concurrently with Dapoxetine. Interacting, they may lose their efficiency or work in synergy thus increasing the risks for severe adverse reactions to the drug. It is not advised to administer Dapoxetine together with the following medications:

Consult your healthcare provider for more detail. A drug dose adjustment may help to avoid a hazardous interaction of Dapoxetine with other medications, yet it’s only up to a doctor to decide whether such a tactic of treatment may be used.

At least two weeks should pass before one can take Dapoxetine if he has previously taken MAOIs, SSRIs, tricyclic antidepressants, or SNRIs. At least one week should pass before a man who has finished the therapy with Dapoxetine can safely administer any of the mentioned preparations.

The Use of Dapoxetine with ED Drugs

It’s not uncommon that men suffering from one sexual dysfunction develop another problem related to their intimate life. The combination met most often is erectile dysfunction + premature ejaculation. Both conditions can be caused by psychoemotional factors, as well as physical health problems. Anyway, both need to be treated to help men improve the quality of their intimate life.

For such patients, combination therapy of Dapoxetine and Sildenafil or Dapoxetine and Tadalafil is applied. The doses of both medications should be discussed with a doctor to minimize the risks for adverse reactions.

Cases when Dapoxetine Is not Recommended

No matter how effective Dapoxetine can be for men with premature ejaculation, in some patients it is strictly contraindicated. This is primarily related to the high risks of developing severe adverse effects to the medication. Men suffering from the health problems listed below should never take Dapoxetine:

If you use a permanent pacemaker, Dapoxetine therapy is also contraindicated for you.

What Adverse Reactions to Dapoxetine Are Possible?

The incidence of Dapoxetine-related side effects is proportional to the dose of the medication. Doubling the dose, you double the risks for developing adverse reactions. Therefore, a dose increase can only be justified by a lack of efficacy of the lower one. The unwanted reactions that are most commonly reported by Dapoxetine users are the following:

In very rare cases, Dapoxetine can have an impact on the male erectile function and sex drive. The severe adverse reactions to Dapoxetine are similar to those listed above. The only difference lies in the severity of their manifestations.

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